Charlie Cook: GOP should (air quotes) ‘start’ leaking dirt on Obama to press.

Charlie Cook has some very nasty, very vicious, and very enterta… I mean, cruel… advice for Republicans:

…as much as congressional Republicans are enjoying their schadenfreude, they would be well advised to think long and hard about their next steps. Even the most cursory look at opinion polls or focus groups reveals that the public is convinced we have an ineffectual and out-of-touch Congress that spends too much time backbiting, grandstanding, and Monday-morning quarterbacking while the country’s problems fester. Arguably, showboating for the cameras and holding hearings are what Congress does best; the temptation is unavoidable.

Republicans would be much wiser to pursue a third option: Dig up as much damaging information as they can about the Obama administration and leak it to reporters they know will write tough stories that won’t be traced back to the source. That way, the public won’t see the GOP as being obsessed with attacking the other side and playing gotcha at the expense of the big issues facing the country—the ones voters really care about.

Mind you, Charlie probably knows that this is highly redundant advice, too. NTIWKAAT, of course.

Moe Lane


  • acat says:

    Does Charlie offer any insight on where to find these .. “reporters” ..?
    Seems to me that most of the journolisters* these days wouldn’t recognize that there’s a story here, let alone being able to write a hard-hitting one – leaving aside the challenge of getting it past an “editor” (read: gatekeeper of liberal truth)…
    While it’s not bad advice, implementation’s gonna have some trouble in the real world ..
    * re-branding of reporters always reminds me of this bit:

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