“Mr. Barry on the white courtesy phone for Mr. Ford. Paging Mr. Ford…”

A rather odd set of Twitter comments that showed up on my timeline today are now making sense:

The Mayor of the Canadian city of Toronto, Rob Ford, has denied allegations that he has been caught on video smoking crack cocaine.

Although… well, that’s an unkind thought.  Unkind to Toronto, at least.

Moe Lane


  • Mark_E says:

    I don’t know why Toronto elected that coward after he shot Jesse James in the back.

    • sicsemperstolidissimum says:

      Jesse James was Democrat terrorist scum, seeking to help recreate the confederacy, IIRC. Complaining about the manner of his death can be compared to defaming Lincoln and Sherman, or complaining about night riders injured in the process of carrying out a lynching or a church burning.
      Well, that is not entirely fair.
      The establishment Democrats seem to have figuring out that lynching, cross burnings, and so forth were profitable, and the train robberies weren’t going to pay off. This may be related to why the train robbers were mostly hunted down, and the lynchings continued. They may have been willing to off the train robber branch, the way they were willing to kill others of their own who became liabilities.

      • Doc Holliday says:

        uh, what? I don’t understand either previous comment in this thread, but I think Mark was making a joke. The thing about jokes is you either laugh of let them go, your response, well, hmm. But in its own way, it was funny too. My favorite part was about “defaming Sherman” lol.

        • sicsemperstolidissimum says:

          1. There is a movie, I think something like _The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford_. I suspect the original comment was meant to be a joking reference to that.
          2. IIRC, the James gang is known to have been stashing some of the loot with the KKK. Massive arms stores that some of the robber gangs were involved in funding have been found.
          3. A case can be made that various glorifying movies made about the various former confederate outlaws being on the order of, say, hagiographic films about Che. If the robbers of the era really can be considered political activists of that sort, this ties in with ‘the tiger doesn’t change its stripes’, ‘Democrats will be Democrats’, and ‘White supremacism and leftism are interchangeable facades for the Democratic Party’. So, mentioning the above film without this context might be akin to, say, wearing a Che t-shirt, talking about Che’s compassion, and neglecting the murder and the whole raft of other things.
          4. ‘Defaming Lincoln’ is mainly a reference to ‘Tyrant Lincoln’ narratives, which attempted to legitimize succession as well as the various acts of terrorism against former slaves. (After all, they were Republicans who thought well of Lincoln.) (This does somewhat assume that everything Lincoln did was legitimate. Or at least everything prior to succession.)
          5. Secondarily it is a reference to Obama’s attempts to compare himself and Lincoln.
          6. ‘Defaming Sherman’ mainly refers to disagreeing with his thesis, more or less that a successful succession would eventually result in a level of endemic bloodletting that would dwarf anything he intended to do.
          7. Later bit is more or less suggesting Ford may have been a Democrat political operative cleaning up another Democrat political operative, like Stalin did to the chekists. Also a reference to the lynching of Steve Renfroe.
          8. I tend towards literalism, and sometimes think it funny to attempt to joke in a way that assumes that I’ve missed the point.

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