Of *course* Ed Markey is hiding from Massachusetts voters.

This is a surprise?

While Republican Gabriel E. Gomez held nine public events this week, his Democratic rival, Edward J. Markey, held none, sparking criticism from Gomez that the veteran congressman is ignoring voters and avoiding the public eye.

“He’s been hiding,” Gomez said Friday, during a stop at Mul’s Diner in South Boston.

The last thing that Ed Markey wants to do is to have independent voters take a gander at him.  Besides, Ed Markey’s currently campaigning in a state that was recently the victim of a vicious Islamist terrorist attack; it’s a little hard to reconcile being born-again on national security when you’re on the record as opposing the Patriot Act and in favor of trying terrorists on American soil, and easy as pie to just simply not do any public appearances.  The polls are frankly not telling Ed Markey that he should relax just quite yet; apparently his campaign has decided to try to run out the clock.  And maybe that will work; while the Suffolk poll from last week is increasingly looking like an outlier, Gabriel Gomez has yet to pass Markey in the polls.

Still.  You’d think that Markey would get out more.


2 thoughts on “Of *course* Ed Markey is hiding from Massachusetts voters.”

  1. Ed Markey may get the same surprise Elizabeth Colbert-Busch got in the recent SC-1 special election. She hid from the voters, too, while Mark Sanford got out and shook hands and kissed babies.

    1. I doubt it. The difference of MA and SC.
      Hiding out is probably the best strategy for Markey anyways.

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