One major issue with Google Glass is that it’s a unobvious *video camera*.

Hot Air is noting lawmaker concerns over the new devices, and although I don’t really share those concerns I do have to note that under certain circumstances the use of the item is arguably illegal under Maryland state law.  It’s the old problem with technology and the law; a statute that is perfectly suitable for criminalizing the use of illegal and technically wiretaps doesn’t work nearly as well when it comes to how to deal with a digital camera embedded in your glasses and able to transmit over the cell phone network*.  Note that I don’t really have a good answer, except that maybe we should learn to accept the fact that we live in a fishbowl?

Moe Lane

*Mind you, if legislators had thought to incorporate into legislation the possibility that some day people would be walking around with that kind of technology then they would have been mercilessly attacked by the opposition for being a bunch of nerds (the attack would have used different language, but that’s the gist).  Because that’s what happens.