Occupy Roanoke to prostitute itself out for Terry McAuliffe.

My apologies to prostitutes for the comparison.

The Occupiers apparently plan to come out by the tens tomorrow to show their support for Democratic Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe:


Contrast that with Occupy Roanoke’s rhetoric in 2011:

…we would like to see the end of paid lobbyists. Washington’s K Street is made up of many former legislators and staff whose job it is to help write the laws after showering Congress with contributions. This would include lobbyists from unions, corporations and other special interests. When groups with enormous financial assets can use those assets to influence legislation, what kind of a voice do any of us realistically have? In short, we want Big Money out of politics.

Normally, I would hammer the point that Terry McAuliffe is a self-confessed One Percenter, and pretty much everything – specifically including Big Money lobbyist – that the Occupiers ostensibly stood against in the first place.  But that assumes that my readership might possibly be stupid enough to believe in any of that happy horse… manure… that the Occupy movement pretended to peddle.  Fortunately, my readership is smarter than that – which is good.  Because the gap between ‘bought into the Occupy mythos’ and ‘can’t be trusted to come in out of the rain’ ain’t all that wide…

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PS: Notice, of course, that the Occupiers are downright eager to go after the black guy.  There’s nothing a professional progressive male likes to do better than rip into a conservative minority; they’re probably all disappointed that EW Jackson’s not a woman, too…

PPS: Here’s the latest Ken Cuccinelli campaign ad.  This is who the Occupiers actually hate.  Not the man who made his money glad-handling politicians; they hate the man trying not to break down in tears at the funeral of a dead hero cop.

You can tell a lot about someone from what they hate.

4 thoughts on “Occupy Roanoke to prostitute itself out for Terry McAuliffe.”

  1. I think the #OWSers made it pretty darn clear how they feel about cops.
    Having expended the energy to actually *talk* to some of ’em .. in many cases, they’d be Tea Partiers if the public edumacation cistern hadn’t filled their heads with nonsense.

  2. You mean Occutards are just another pack of professional protesters for the left?
    Gosh. I’m so disillusioned. Next you’ll tell me Liberace was gay.

      1. Occutards is accurate. They are too stupid to realize that they are being used on the way to being flushed……

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