The decline and fall of the Obama-media industrial complex.

And not a moment too soon.

I read this piece by Ed Morrissey

Remember when the Obama administration had a relaxed and fruitful relationship with the media?


Less than a month later, the party is over. It’s been raided by the Department of Justice, and the media suddenly seems a lot less interested in making the president the celebrity-in-chief, and a lot more focused on demanding accountability — now that they have a personal stake in doing so.

…and I can’t say that I’m surprised.  I’ve always considered the relationship between Barack Obama and the Media to be a lot less genuine than is commonly believed:  there’s no real emotional connection on the corporate* level.  Barack Obama has always approached the Media with a certain inherent cynical contempt that only got more and more brazen as the years went on and nobody reacted to never being given press conferences and seeing local media be punished for non-flattering coverage and having reporters stuffed in closets and whatnot.  And, for its part… the Media as a corporate entity likes Barack Obama the way that I like a rib-eye steak.   They loved reporting his rise; they loved celebrating his victories; they love narrating his travails; and they will absolutely love chronicling his fall.  And once they’re done with all of that, the Media will write sad, brave little pieces about the endgame for the latest iteration of the Camelot myth – and never explain that they themselves helped set up that scenario, because it’s one of their favorite stories.  One that they will revisit, just as soon as they can.

All of which would be infuriating, except that it’s actually going to rebound in my party’s favor for a change and there’s not a blessed thing I can really do about it anyway.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: The President should probably take some comfort in knowing that eventually he’ll see the other side of these particular scandals, largely because neither the Media nor the Republican party leadership really wants to impeach him.  But that’s not exactly good news for the President: after all, if Obama is successfully impeached then he would no longer be either group’s chew toy.  And it’s a long time until 2016.

*Oh, sure, individual reporters might have a largely unrequited affection for the President, for a variety of reasons both noble and ignoble.  But that’s just personal.

5 thoughts on “The decline and fall of the Obama-media industrial complex.”

  1. I read a piece, I believe it was at PJ Media about how the MSM’s refusal to cover O’bunblers scandals essentially setup O’bumble up. Instead of reporting the scandals and keeping him at the top of his game they covered up for him making him think that no matter how badly he screwed up it would never get reported. So he got overconfident, lazy and stupid and in the end even the media couldn’t cover up his mistakes anymore.

    1. I don’t think so. Remember, this is the first time Obama has stayed in a job long enough for his hubris to catch up. Top of his game? It’s never been a part of his game, and the Presidency is a very bad place for OJT…….

  2. after all, if Obama is successfully impeached then he would no longer be either group’s chew toy.

    That was brutal 🙂

  3. Heh, the media are busily trying to find “Low- and Mid-Level” staffers to pin all of this on, and any “low- and mid-level staffers” presented to them as the ‘root of all evil’ will be eagerly embraced as he only necessary explanation for Obama’s travails………….

  4. There is no way in hell that Obama will be impeached, not because he doesn’t deserve it, or that the gutless Republicans don’t have the stomach for it.
    The main reason is that if he has to make 10-15 speeches like the one he made today he will just walk away from the Presidency.
    Obama will never have the stomach to face any real opposition, he is a gutless weasel and when things get tough he will quit. No matter how hard Michelle and Valerie Jarret squeeze his balls.

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