QotD, Dr. Dre Has A Definite Point edition.

Chris Wilson, over at Conservative Outpost (bolding mine):

CNN asked respondents, “As you may know, the IRS targeted conservative political groups for greater scrutiny of their applications for tax exempt status. How important in issue do you think this is to the nation?” Overall, 85% of respondents said it is important (55% very, 30% somewhat), to just 10% who say “not too important” and 5% who say “not important at all.”

So who were these people? Non-white respondents (62% very important) are more likely to say it was important than white respondents (52% very important). There’s a major crack in the Obama wall, reminding us of Dr. Dre’s immortal quote (I’m sure you quote the good Dr. as often as I do), “The only two things that scare me are God and the IRS.”

Personally, I’m more of an LL Cool J guy myself, but he’d probably agree that the IRS is kind of scary, too. But not as scary as those numbers should be to Democrats.  Note: ‘should’…

Moe Lane



6 thoughts on “QotD, Dr. Dre Has A Definite Point edition.”

  1. After GOP backstabs their base with amnesty, Dems may not have much to worry about in 2014. People will always hate the GOP. I don’t see people changing parties to vote GOP after being dems. The GOP needs their base and I guess they are counting on this and Obamacare to get us fired up even after amnesty goes into affect. Good luck.

    1. For me the amnesty thing would depend on the specific votes of the people I’m voting for. Did my Senator vote for it? Or in 2016 did the GOP nominee vote for or otherwise support it.

    2. The cracks have been forming for some time, several African-American ministers are upset with the social liberalism put forward by the DNC particularly its stance on gay marriage, that being said they are diametrically opposed to the GOP’s fiscal plans so…. there is a limited amount of wiggle room for the GOP

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