I have only one real comment about the rioting/attacks in Europe.

And it’s this: if the current people in charge over there don’t come up with an acceptable answer to the problem of Islamist (note suffix*) violence, the people on the sharp end of that violence will go looking for groups that do have an acceptable answer – or at least one that’s acceptable to the people on the sharp end.  And Western Europeans have a profoundly sh*tty track record when it comes to peaceful wholesale revisions of the social contract**.

So I guess that’s two comments.

Moe Lane

*No, really: I kind of insist that you note the suffix.

**Except for Great Britain.  By the way: notice how UKIP did in their local elections?

8 thoughts on “I have only one real comment about the rioting/attacks in Europe.”

  1. As Sweden is showing, has the rot set in too much to salvage the civilization? The logic of arresting those trying to protect their home vs arresting the rioters baffles me

    1. Probably some measure of the whole ‘you aren’t allowed to use force independently of the government’ thing Europe has.

  2. The reason for arresting the people trying to defend their homes is they represent an incipient threat to the ruling elites allowing the riots to continue.

    1. The reason for arresting the people trying to defend their homes is that they represent an incipient threat to the ruling elites, by demonstrating that the current ruling elites are not necessary.

  3. The PM of Sweden, per the CIA World Factbook, seems to be the leader of their Moderate Party. No idea how that translates to my view, except likely to my left. Haven’t looked further at the structure of the government, who would be in charge of what police, and which political types would be over it. (I’m unsure of the ruling coalition, but expect it would have some leftists in it.)
    Politicals of the labor flavors tend to be biased towards indulging rioters and such. That might be the driving factor here.
    I like the Riot Act, but in other countries as it, sadly, conflicts with things I value more here.
    I’m not terribly committed to Democracy and Rule of Law in Sweden, except insofar as it furthers America’s real interests. I tend to think that rioters, communists and pot smokers ought to be killed on general principles, where practical*.
    *Note that I think ‘It conflicts with rule of law, and the American form of Government’, is a sound, practical, pragmatic reason to not do such things in the United States.

  4. It has always puzzled me that Europe has never produced anything like conservatism with the possible exception of England. Although the Finnish Government’s austerity program seems a close fit. They go strait to Fascism which is also a form of socialism and I’ve never been able to understand why. Is it because Europeans are so wedded to the leftist viewpoint that they can’t see anything else? Or are we somehow different do to our not having to worry about Liebensrum.

    1. Maybe it’s genetic. Too many people with the Liberty gene moved out during the colonial period?

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