“The Xbone.”

Meet the Xbox One.  “In Soviet Union, video game console watches you!”

…Somebody’s already made that joke, right?  Hell, people understand that joke, right? – For the love of God, don’t tell me if you don’t.  Just smile and goram well nod.


4 thoughts on ““The Xbone.””

    1. And they’re still trying to be the center of the media center.
      Dumb and then some.

      1. Yes, the joke has been made. Repeatedly. The meme is still alive. (After all, in Soviet Russia, meme kills you.)
        It’s the Zune all over again.
        Decent hardware (if overhyped), chained to a crappy distribution system, sold at too high a pricepoint, as an entry into a saturated market.
        Thanks, but I already have an internet hub. (Or two.) And the ones I have don’t charge me a monthly subscription fee.
        Thanks, but my satellite provider already gives me a DVR for “free”.
        Thanks for the Blu-Ray player. They’ve only been out for 8 years. It’s possible someone doesn’t already own one.
        I’m sure someone, somewhere, will be *happy* to drop over half a grand to buy hardware that they already own. I’m just not sure it’s a significant percentage of the market.
        But it will play games.
        Just not the ones you already own. It would be too difficult for Micro-fricking-Soft to code a %^^(ing emulator.
        And don’t plan on being able to buy used games either.
        Of course, without competition from used games, publishers have a lot less incentive to lower their prices. Enjoy!
        And you can likely control your entire system by voice or gesture.
        Which is nice. Of course, people tend to visit during TV shows, which includes phrases that could be interpreted as commands, and people do gesture while talking.
        I also see problems with kids and the repetitive whine of “I want to watch *.*”. Oh, good. The television now obeys them. Wonderful.
        Best hope you don’t have large dogs, either. MS is evidently staffed by cat people. The Kinect freaks out a bit when confronted with wagging tails.
        Of course, there’s the “always on” aspect. And the patents MS has taken out that strongly imply it’s going to be doing a headcount any time you watch a movie.
        And the need for it to always be connected to the internet. (Although this one is now being walked back.)
        On the bright side, the company has made clear public statements that they will continue to support the XBox360 for years to come. They do not see the 360 as competing with the new product. After all, the XBOne is so much more than “just” a gaming console.

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