Reminder in MO-06: there is no such thing as a conservative Democrat.

It’s a special election, and one that’s highly unlikely to be an upset (it’s a reliably Republican district in an election cycle where the Democrats are the ones scrambling for footholds), but remember this: I don’t care how ‘conservative’ Democratic nominee Steve Hodges claims to be.  He will caucus with the Democrats if elected, and he will vote for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House if that’s what it takes to get her in, and he will betray whatever conservative principles that he might have if it’s a close vote.  This is the way of things; there is no real sense in pretending otherwise.  And we have plenty of evidence to justify my cynicism.

Jason Smith is the Republican candidate in this election. Calibrate accordingly.

5 thoughts on “Reminder in MO-06: there is no such thing as a conservative Democrat.”

  1. Yep.
    Anyone remember the last “conservative Dem” who sold us all out? Guy from a ‘red’ area in Michigan named Bart Stupak?
    How’s that workin’ out for us?

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