There may be something wrong with my #nerdrage.

I can’t seem to muster it up when it comes to dealing with Kickstarter delays.  And it’s just Kickstarter; product delays in other situations gets the irrationally intense petulant anger operating just fine (although I carefully hide it, because, you know, it’s really lame).  Weird.

No, seriously, I’m not even losing my sh*t about the OGRE delays. Then again, I figured that the original December 2012 delivery date was an exercise in wishful thinking crack-smoking anyway.

7 thoughts on “There may be something wrong with my #nerdrage.”

  1. I must admit to a great deal of disappointment when my official Settlers of Catan injection-molded boards didn’t ship on time. I had a tournament last week that they would’ve been TERRIBLY useful for.
    July is a long way off.

  2. I’m a bit bugged by not having my Reaper Bones figures yet, but only a bit. But once they arrive I have to decide where to put them — might have to get rid of the kitchen.

  3. Still waiting for a couple games from Kickstarter. Debating on supporting 2 more: the new Call of Cthulu because I don’t have any version of my own
    Also have been looking at the Adventure Maximus because it looked like a simpler game to introduce to my 7yo. I suspect he would be interest as he has made up his own rules for Lego boardgames because he wanted to make his own stories and have an excuse to use my RPG dice.

    1. CoC putting out a 7th ed?
      Ooooooooooooooooooooooo. Must go look!

      I’m currently waiting on a few projects. I’m not complaining a bit, because without the pre-order they’d either never have been made, or wouldn’t be nearly as good.
      (I really wish Punktown would give us updates a bit more frequently, though.)

      1. I honestly don’t know about the CoC one. The reward levels are pretty steep for what I’d want and would pick up: $75 for two softcovers. That $5 added for shipping is a little not-usual for me. This one is going to get funded, probably; I could just WAIT. I like my KSs to have a earl-bird bonus, IOW.

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