This may be the actual NADIR of the Louisiana Democratic party.

Jim’s title says it all: “Louisiana Democratic Party Chair Runs Away From Reporters.”  …Well, not quite: the reason why Karen Carter Peterson is running away from reporters is because she claimed yesterday that opposition to mandatory health insurance was based on racism, which is probably not a smart thing to say in Louisiana*.

The video’s hysterical, for given values of hysterical: you don’t really want a local news station describe you as ‘scurrying’ when you flee them.  Or have a black legislator from your own party tell the world that you’re not playing with a full deck.


Moe Lane

PS: Fair warning: state parties usually need to get this bad before they hyper-revitalize themselves.  Don’t get cocky, Louisiana Republicans.

*Mind you, being the state Democratic party chair down there isn’t exactly a job that you’d give to your top person, is it? I mean, you’d give it to a veritable genius, but if you don’t have one of those handy then you just find somebody who likes having her own letterhead and just try to maintain an even strain.


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