QotD, What Do They Have To Engage Them? edition

Jim Geraghty:

There’s some anecdotal evidence that a significant chunk of the Left’s rank-and-file started tuning out shortly after Obama’s second term began, and they’re not re-engaging.

[snip of a clip of Lefty blogger digby doing the digital equivalent of grimly looking at the steadily-decreasing level on the vodka bottle]

A lot of possible reasons for this — scandal disillusionment, the crash after the high of Hope-ium, a public starting to feel like they’ve heard of all of Obama’s rhetorical tropes before, overall exhaustion and boredom with politics as a whole — but this is not a development that the Washington conventional wisdom has even noticed, much less even begin to analyze or explain.

Nor will they. If you live in Dizzy City and you’re a Democrat – and, um, white – everything is great! Except for the scandals, of course, but surely those will blow over.  But just about all of your other liberal friends have jobs, those who want to have kids are having them, and your favorite shops aren’t closing down.  Heck, even your Republican friends are doing all right for themselves, pretty much.  Well, the ones who also live in the Imperial District, which is the world. Or all of the world that matters.

But those who live out in the periphery might disagree with that rosy worldview.  They certainly aren’t going to be quite as chipper about it all, either.

Moe Lane

PS: Mind you, I’m more or less a resident of the Imperial District myself.  Indeed: when it comes to Dizzy City, I Have Truly Found Paradise…

6 thoughts on “QotD, What Do They Have To Engage Them? edition”

  1. Please do not take this the wrong way, Moe, but .. I wish an economic apocalypse upon your neighbors.

      1. Oh, I do. I just know it’s going to have some fallout for you and yours.
        Hopefully not Fallout 3 …

  2. One is coming Gator. I’m beginning to see the first elements of the crash of O’bamacare. Things are not going to be pleasant. Check out what’s going on with the pre-existing conditions insurance. The state plans are crashing due to costs and being rolled into a federal plan starting in July. They were expected to last till the end of the year. There is also the little noticed element of states now beginning to reject the dollar as a reserve currency.

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