Regular posting resumes tomorrow.

I have nothing against long car trips, except of course for the way that they wind up small children and then send them off in whirling circles of chaos and entropy.

3 thoughts on “Regular posting resumes tomorrow.”

  1. Suddlenly, in my head I’m combining this post with Petyr Baelish’s rant about chaos being a ladder rather than a pit, and coming up with /Chutes and Ladders/…

  2. I don’t know how to link these Mo– but think you would enjoy either James McMurty’s or Ray Wylie Hubbard’s version of “Choctaw Bingo” on YouTube. Setting: going to the family Reunion: song lyrics: give them kids some Cherry Coke w/ a little bit of benedryl.

    Your post Just made me laugh and think of when mine were small.

    1. ….. that’s brilliant!
      Best the cats ever came up with is leaving about 2 hours after junior’s bedtime.
      He’d wake up long enough to get in the back seat and then fall back to sleep.
      Meanwhile, we’d trade driving and dozing back and forth ever couple hours until dawn.
      Good way to rack up the miles and minimize the chaos… usually got between 350 and 450 miles done before breakfast.

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