So OGRE will be *finally* be coming out…



…in late October.


…wow, but I’m getting deep into this social media pop-memetic reality structure metasyntatic variable, huh?

3 thoughts on “So OGRE will be *finally* be coming out…”

  1. Only a year late. At this rate my 7yo will be able to play it. I will not complain too much because i am in awe of the photos esp equally 20+ boxes of Munchkin

  2. We have a ship date!
    This product was vaporware for years, leading up to the Kickstarter.
    I can wait a few more months.
    It’s actually going to happen! And be so much greater than I thought it would be!

  3. In an act of ultimate optimism, I signed up for a Kickstarter for a $350 3D printer.

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