So, they’re thinking of casting a female Doctor…

…look, I haven’t watched the show since Tom Baker (yeah, there are a LOT of things that I should be doing with my time, OK? Call me when they extend every day by eight hours), so in a sense this is me being a buttinsky, but I don’t know if you want to mess with the continu

A host of names have been suggested in Sunday’s papers, among them Idris Elba, Dame Helen Mirren and John Hurt. [Bolding mine – ML]

…OK never mind. I wouldn’t quibble if it was Helen Mirren. As Warren Ellis said of her performance in RED (which, by the way, was a movie that I loved to death):

Helen Mirren with a sniper rifle.

I mean, if you don’t want to see a film with Helen Mirren with a sniper rifle, I’m not sure I want to know you.

Well, I’m not quite THAT prejudiced, but I can see it from here.

Moe Lane

PS: Yes, I am aware that I am inviting a war in the comments thread.

19 thoughts on “So, they’re thinking of casting a female Doctor…”

    1. Worst part is if the Doctor is female, than the companion is going to have to be some eye-candy male actor right?!? the horror.

  1. The name that I’m liking being bandied about reddit: Richard Ayoade, aka “Moss” from “The I.T. Crowd”.

  2. Ironically, Moe, Tom Baker dropped hints that the next doctor would be a woman when *he* retired.
    (and, at the time, with the ratings declining and the times changing, I’ll bet they really considered it)

  3. Admittedly, Matt Smith is among my least favorites of the Doctor but…Helen Mirren? Can’t quite see it.

  4. The thing is, they keep casting the Doctor looking younger and younger each time– so if they wanted to cast a female Doctor, they should be looking at names like Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson or Evanna Lynch (played Luna Lovegood).

  5. I really liked David Tennant. Matt Smith is m’eh. Can’t really see a woman. Wasn’t River Song really the “female Doctor”? feel like it’s been done by proxy.

    And Moe, shame on you for not watching Doctor Who. You can power watch it on Netflix and be caught up in a few weeks. Kids are resilient, they probably won’t be too traumatized form the neglect.

    1. More importantly, there’s nothing in Doctor Who that’s going to have to be carefully “explained” if the kids walk in on it… and the worst new language they may learn are a couple alternative pronunciations.
      I’d rather hear “Daddy, what’s a spanner?” than the alternatives…

  6. I’m in the same boat Moe, always wanted to watch Dr Who but no time to do it. Just finished this seasons Walking Dead, at least a season behing on Game of Thrones. The pile of to watch blur-rays exceeds 2 feet. Learned to just accept and move on, in the end my kids think I am a great dad and the memories of playing with them will last longer.

  7. My personal favorite choice is Idris Elba. He’s an intense actor who would make the Doctor his own.
    Also, you have Nexflix. I know for a FACT that Doctor Who is on Nexflix. You have no excuse for not watching the show.

  8. Sure he does. Higher priorities, and lack of time.
    It’s sitting dormant in my queue as well, and I won’t be getting to it anytime soon. There’s just too much more important stuff to be done.

    1. It is now the TV offseason. No excuses.
      Man, both you and Moe have missed some quality programming. If you guys are missing it because you have a pre-8th Doctor favoite, you guys are doing yourself a great dis-service.

      1. I don’t watch a lot of live tv. Mostly just Walking Dead and football, so if someone with a sci-fi/fantasy predilection isn’t watching Dr. Who, I can’t imagine what they are watching. Reruns of Firefly?

        1. I can’t speak for Moe.
          For me, free time comes in short spurts. If I have long enough to watch a TV show, I’ve got enough time to make progress on the list of things I want to get accomplished.
          I’ve got fallow ground to clear, fence to build, a house to scrape and paint, a basement to clean out and remodel (out of which I’ll actually get some private space!), and some livestock and crops to tend.
          Plus be primary care-giver to three young kids, one of them autistic and medically fragile–and homeschooled out of necessity, and do most of the housework (I’m pretty sure the legend of Sisyphus had something to do with laundry.)
          Very partial list, btw.
          Meanwhile, my wife is working 60-80 hours a week.
          On the bright side, in a few years, I won’t know what to do with myself.
          But catching up on the stack of books building up on my Kindle is going to take precedence over catching up on TV shows. As will hobbies I’ve sadly been neglecting.

          1. Then what are you doing on the internet, get back to work!

            Yes, some people don’t have cable or netflix, but if you consume any media at all, and very few people consume no media at all, I’m propounding that Dr. Who is worth moving to the front of the queue.

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