They discovered what was inside the Curiosity Cube!

…and it’s a.  Well.  Watch.

I have to agree with Graham Stark: Peter Molyneux is in fact a genius.  Despite the fact that Molyneux never seems to make a game that I ever want to play.


Well, I don’t know if Graham Stark would agree with that last bit.  It’s highly unlikely that Stark is personally aware of my existence, and even if he is, he’s probably not basing his reactions to things on what my game preferences are.  Or something.  Gimme a break, it’s Monday morning and I have a chore list as long as my arm.

One thought on “They discovered what was inside the Curiosity Cube!”

  1. I don’t know about the rest of youse guys, but when I see a blatant act of “shit on the male” as this one does… Hey, fist bump… Then the biatché cold-cocks the “Poor Unsuspecting Male” victum, I tune out and stock it up to our present culture of….
    Making any male the ‘dick’ of the story.

    See “Men on Strike”

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