So. About that 2008 church burning in Wasilla, Eric Holder…

Not to pile on Eric Holder or anything, but on December 12, 2008 somebody tried to murder several women and children at Sarah Palin’s old church in Wasilla, Alaska.  The assailants did this by pouring accelerants on the doors and then setting the place on fire; and you would think that a Justice Department which was about to be headed up by the first African-American Attorney General would take a dim view of somebody trying to burn down a church with people inside of it, just to score some political points. However, there has been absolutely no resolution of this.  The Justice Department seems to be remarkably indifferent to what happened, back then.


2 thoughts on “So. About that 2008 church burning in Wasilla, Eric Holder…”

  1. Well, first there were Lois Lerner and Jamie Gorelick’s fingerprints on the gas can…

  2. I think you are making a mistake. While lower ranking Democrats may be ethnic loyalists in reaction to past and current Democrat abuses, I do not know this is the case for the higher ranks. Today’s Made Men of The Party, which seems to include Holder, sometimes appear to be entirely in the mold earlier generations of Party Made Men, who covered up lynchings, church burnings, crosses on the lawn, and night rides when it was politically advantageous. It is reasonable to expect the same of Holder, where it is to his advantage.

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