Just saw “Star Trek: Into Darkness.”

Not bad.  Actually, it was pretty damned awesome.  These are not movies for hyper-purists*; but I had a good time and that’s what I wanted out of this evening.

So go ahead and see it.

Moe Lane

*They are, however, movies for fans.

5 thoughts on “Just saw “Star Trek: Into Darkness.””

  1. It’s very rare that I will only agree with a single part of a sentence in any of your posts…but this is one of those times.
    For the record, it was “These are not movies for hyper-purists…”

  2. What are your thoughts of Abrams taking the helm(con?) for the next Star Wars?

    1. The thing is Abrams is a Star Wars guy. I think the issue the Trekkies have is his movies come off as Star Wars in the Trek universe not Gene Roddenberry’s “Wagon Train to the Stars” of man’s exploration of a universe he didn’t know existed. I love both, IMO Roddenberry’s vision works better as a TV series where you have time to develop plot, character, but Abrams’ works better as a movie. All that to say, think Abrams does a pretty bang up job with Star Wars (though honestly I still wish they had taken a shot and given it to Duncan Jones).

  3. I saw this at Bengies Drive-in theater. Moe, if you’ve never made the trip up to Middle River to go to the drive-in with the kids, you should. It is totally worth the trip.

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