Terry McAuliffe’s pro-Castro contributor.

Full disclosure: I have no particular love for the Baltimore Orioles, mostly because they’re neither the Mets nor the Blue Jays (yes, I know).  I note this because you could conceivably argue that my distaste at seeing Terry McAuliffe demonstrate that he’ll take $250 grand from anybody (in this case, Orioles owner Peter Angelos) is merely sour grapes from having both of the baseball teams that I (barely) follow be in the cellar.  This argument would be wrong, though.

I just have a real problem with anybody who would voluntarily sit next to Fidel Castro.


Yes, that means that I have a real problem with Bud Selig, too.  Doesn’t everybody? …Well, probably not Terry McAuliffe: I’m sure that he’d take Bud’s money just as quickly.

Moe Lane

PS: I’m pretty sure Ken Cuccinelli‘s never had a donor sit next to Fidel.

PPS: Yes, I’ve heard the explanation.  I just don’t really care for it.

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  1. I would voluntarily sit next to Castro, but only to be punching him repeatedly in the face.

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