“The Purge” trailer.

Yeaaaah I think that I’m gonna skip this one.

Because that’s kind of messed up in a way that you don’t want to look at too closely and for too long.

6 thoughts on ““The Purge” trailer.”

  1. Oh look another movie with no purpose but gratuitous violence. When Doom 1 has a better plot line than your movie you’ve got a problem.

  2. Heh. If your plot looks like you tried to write a zombie movie but couldn’t get financing so made it a political movie instead … you’ve got a problem.

  3. This movie already looks like a candidate for dog of the year a lot of people hate it just from the trailer. As a friend of mine pointed out “If you have enough money to turn your house into a bunker, you have enough money to get out of the country for a night.” Even if it’s only to Canada or Mexico. Like I said before no purpose but gratuitous violence. Oh, and yeah, I hate Hollywood especially when it puts out obvious crap like this. Exactly who do they think we are. Maybe they’re that sick the rest of us aren’t.

  4. Great quotes from Larry Correia regarding this movie:
    “Far more realisitically if you declared that there was a night without any law, all of the pent up aggression stored by my kind of people living in urban hellholes would have a super fun time, and the crime rate for the rest of the year would be zero.”
    “And if you were rich and lived in one of these disarmed lefty enclaves, and there was Purge Night coming, wouldn’t you go and hire a bunch of Blackwater style badasses to hang out at your house? ‘Hey, former Navy SEAL, how about I give you twenty grand to shoot hippies at my place for the evening. We’ll have a BBQ.’ ‘Kick ass!'”

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