There haven’t been many Friday document dumps lately, huh?

You get the feeling that the White House is just not bothering at this point: they’ve instead decided to stay at the bottom of the trench and scream until the artillery barrage stops. Which is actually maybe not the worst strategy in the world.

3 thoughts on “There haven’t been many Friday document dumps lately, huh?”

  1. Moe:
    To be quite honest, what could they possibly have to dump? Rice’s promotion to NSA is the closest thing we’ve seen recently and they’ve been having documents dumped on them, Monday through ever-loving Friday the last couple of weeks.

  2. Sadly for American citizens. Unscheduled document dumps are occurring due to London-based orgs. (Ps. My iPhone tried to correct orgs to orcs. Nice!)

    1. Heh, I wish we could dump a few London-based orcs on this administration… The “Warhammer 40K” kind, though!

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