Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer.

…Ayup, it’s going to suck me in.


I’d rather have another Mass Effect DLC, though.  Or a Skyrim one.  Or, hell, Bioshock Infinite can get off of its tuchis and produce.  And then I want a pony!

4 thoughts on “Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer.”

  1. I’m just trying to divine whether Varric and Morrigan here are younger, older, or just spiffier character models?

  2. I most likely would have *loved* the first of the series if I’d played in on a computer. It had a good story, an interesting setting, a great backstory, decent characters, tactical challenges…
    But I played it on a console.
    It was clearly meant to be played with mouse and keyboard. Not a controller. I hated it with a burning passion, until getting some distance, and realizing it would have been *great* on a computer.

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