CBS News reports on State Department scandal coverups.

There’s some real dirty laundry, here.

Executive summary: State Department shenanigans involving prostitutes, sexual assaults, drug deals… maybe they happened, maybe they didn’t. We don’t know, because higher-ups in the State Department (Hillary Clinton crony Patrick Kennedy is named-checked) allegedly covered it all up. But there’s a report! Wonder what’s in it! Well, CBS News knows, because screw you, Barack Obama! …And you, too, Hillary Clinton!

I don’t know how much of this story is getting back at Obama for his leak fetish, and how much of this is CBS doing Joe Biden a favor by tripping-by-proxy Clinton-by-proxy in her run-up to 2016; but oh my but it’s nice to see a story where there are bricks to be thrown, but nary a Republican to be seen. A man could get used to this.


3 thoughts on “CBS News reports on State Department scandal coverups.”

  1. So we’ve got a breaking scandal including sex and drugs, at a minimum. This sure is a lot sexier than stodgy old IRS and NSA scandals, so let’s just push both of those off of the news page. Permanently.

    Wow, that sounds paranoid, right? Of course, perfect paranoia is perfect awareness.

  2. Sex, Drugs, and a coverup. I guess this means Hillary is a female version of Bill. Heck if it turns out she herself patronized prostitutes it will only enhance her Presidential candidacy at least among the Left.

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