Tim Tebow to play for Patriots.

…Oh, that’s gonna be great for the eventual sports movie.

A few days after New England coach Bill Belichick said he didn’t actually hate former Jets/Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow, the Patriots apparently are intent on proving it.

That’s because the Patriots reportedly are signing Tebow to a contract, according to ESPN’s Ed Werder. The team expects Tebow to be at minicamp by Tuesday.

Patriots. That’s perfect.

4 thoughts on “Tim Tebow to play for Patriots.”

  1. Tebow seems like a player with a lot of talent, but really needs the coaching support of someone that knows how to use what he can do. Belichick is perhaps the most successful NFL coach of the last 12 seasons, and if he thinks he can do something with Tebow, I wouldn’t be too quick to assume he’s wrong.

  2. Belichek has not won since he offended the football gods with spygate, this is attempt at redemption. Either that, this is the part were the hero journeys into the darkness but Tebow has already been with the Jets, not much more miserable area exists

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