My basic problem with the #Snowden/PRISM story.

This was a comment made privately by a friend of mine:

If Glenn Greenwald says the sky is blue, my first instinct is to wonder how I could have always been so wrong about the color of the sky, and the second is to wonder how the sky being blue is detrimental to the interests of America.

…and that’s pretty much it.  To paraphrase/mangle Harry Turtledove: activists on the Right tend to believe that America is damaged, and needs to be repaired; while activists on the Left tend to believe that America is wrecked, and needs to be replaced.  Greenwald definitely wants to switch out wholesale our current system, and I am not entirely certain that he wouldn’t be happy to see half of the people that I follow on Twitter end up in a camp somewhere. Trust him at your peril.

Mind you, PRISM may turn out to be a real problem.  In which case, the intelligent response is to emulate the example of the brilliant A Christmas Story and do this to Greenwald:

…then, go on your merry way.


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