I expect that Jan Brewer is going to have an interesting primary.

[UPDATE] Or maybe the question is moot:

And by ‘interesting’ I mean ‘savage.’

Republican legislative leaders are not happy with Gov. Jan Brewer calling a special session to prompt votes on a $1.6 billion Medicaid expansion she supports.

Brewer, also a Republican, called the session to have legislators vote on the state budget and the Medicaid expansion, which leverages money from President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act.

As Ace reminds us, Governor Brewer had been vetoing bills until the Medicare expansion budget was passed; this is apparently the next step.  Brewer’s in an interesting situation: she became Governor because Janet Napolitano went to the Cabinet and Arizona doesn’t have a Lt. Governor position; and she stayed Governor half because 2010 was a really, really good year to run for Governor as a Republican and half because Brewer fastened herself onto the immigration debate like a mongoose fastens itself on a snake. It’ll be interesting to see whether 2014 ends up being… different.

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