“Founding Founders.”

Ye gods and little fishes.

founding founders

The question is, will it stick around? That’s actually not immediately obvious. If White House staffers are simply being slapdash historical illiterates again, then sure, it’s going to get fixed to the “Founding Fathers” with all due speed. But on the other hand, this might actually be – God help us all – political correctness. “Founding Founders” is precisely the sort of tin-eared circumlocution that one would expect from a cadre that thinks that proper communication involves tying the English language to a chair, and then making it scream.

4 thoughts on ““Founding Founders.””

  1. It is now fixed. Without any notation that there was ever an error, of course. Don’t get me wrong. I actually wouldn’t mind this White House papering over what was obviously just a brain fart, and a minor one at that…if they didn’t have a nasty habit of attempting to memory-hole much more important things…

    1. Inevitable, once everybody in the universe (including the regular media*) started piling on.

      Moe Lane

      *Well. Jake Tapper, at least.

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