QotD, I Would Pay Twenty Dollars To See Darth Cheney Do This Edition.

Charity of Cheney’s choice. To riff off of Allahpundit’s style:  Make this happen.

Suspense this morning on “Fox News Sunday”: Will Dick Cheney seize the opportunity to pull off one of the great trollings in modern political history by claiming that even he thinks Obama’s NSA surveillance has gone too far? I’m praying the answer is yes, simply for the comic agony it would induce in O-bots, but it’s almost certainly no.

But it would be so. Totally. Worth. It.

Moe Lane

PS: You’d think that this would eventually stop being funny.


…Nope.  Still is.

5 thoughts on “QotD, I Would Pay Twenty Dollars To See Darth Cheney Do This Edition.”

  1. The Question is, how effective would Cheney’s opinion on NSA overreach be? In general Obama bots have learned to ignore any and all criticism coming from anybody even remotely connected to the Bush Administration.

    1. Just put a period after the word “criticism” and discard the rest of the sentence.

  2. Cheney could easily make a case that either we’re still fighting the War On Terror or we don’t need this surveillance. Continuing the surveillance when you reject what the surveillance was for means your position is contradictory or you’re using that surveillance for something other than what it was intended for.

    1. So …. you think Cheney *can* make the case that, because the {copulating} State Department didn’t keep track of less than 20 visa violators back in 2000, the government now must collect metadata from all phone companies, internet providers, and can read all our e-mail?
      That seems a stretch, even for the twisted Darth Cheney nightmare-fetish of the Left.

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