For the record, with regard to the current farm bill. (Only technically SFW)

Just to make it clear:

  • I am assuming that the current farm bill is a huge pile of pigsh*t.  Only less useful as fertilizer.
  • I have not researched it to determine how the current farm bill is a huge pile of pigsh*t, largely because every other farm bill in my lifetime has been a huge pile of pigsh*t and after a while in this business you learn to spot trends.
  • I am also assuming that none of you need to be told that the current farm bill is a huge pile of pigsh*t.
  • Do any of you have the bribe money necessary to make a viable counter-offer that would set this huge pile of pigsh*t on fire?  No?  Don’t feel bad; neither do I.
  • I’ll be less mildly cynical about the situation as soon as I hear a viable plan for setting this huge pile of pigsh*t on fire that does not include the implicit step And then a miracle happens.  Which I privately anticipate will be a factor in every solution that gets proposed.

Sorry, folks. The agricultural industry has, as it has been put, “awesome iconography.” And don’t they just know it, too.


  • jbird says:

    Why do Republicans have a majority in the House if not to fix/kill giant fubar legislation like the farm bill? I like farmers as much as the next guy, but, put a cap on the size of the farms that can receive aid, move food stamps to stand alone legislation, save billions. Everyone says they hate the farm bill, left-right-center, and yet every time it comes up it passes.

    • Luke says:

      Small agricultural operations are more harmed than helped by these giant piles of pigsh*t.
      It’s large agribusiness concerns, which make large political donations, who are happy as pig in sh*t about the giant pile of pigsh*t.
      Which is why these giant piles of pigsh*t keep passing.

  • Crawford says:

    Pigsh*t smells better.

  • qixlqatl says:

    congressmen + rope + lamp posts = solution. Oh, right: the ‘miracle’ in this case would be a population largely capable of the simple mathematics involved…….

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