I went through some trouble to tell you that I was wrong about the farm bill.

It took me forever to get this emergency netbook to function long enough to let me post that, hey, turns out that the House CAN set a big heap of pig sh*t on fire when it wants to. But it’s IMPORTANT, dagnabbit.

Now cut more.


4 thoughts on “I went through some trouble to tell you that I was wrong about the farm bill.”

  1. Your efforts are appreciated and your diligence and creativity will be rewarded. Unfortunately, this is likely to be in trivial ways.
    As for the house farm bill .. while I’m glad Boehner et al know the Senate version *really* stank .. I don’t see how this vote-down actually helps. It’s a good effort, and I have added a mark to the “nice” column next to Boehner’s name, but .. it’s *not* a victory yet.
    Unless I’m very mistaken, the action now moves to the “compromise committee”, whose nominal job is to work out a common bill from both House and Senate input but whose actual job in recent years has been to gut the conservative one, replace it with the lard-packed liberal one, and try and slide it past when nobody’s looking.
    I suspect that’s what will happen here. Again.

    1. I wouldn’t give too much credit to Boehner considering the fact he voted FOR the Farm Bill.

    2. acat, that was the original plan. From what I’ve heard, they still would have had to go to conference with the bill that got shot down as it wasn’t 100% the Senate bill.

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