Primary computer just died…

…posting will be extremely light until I work this out.  I suspect that I am in a situation where it will be cheaper to yank the hard drive for the files and replace the computer; there was a certain *smell* last night.

Moe Lane

PS: if you were thinking of buying something off of Amazon and using my site, this would be a great time to do that.

5 thoughts on “Primary computer just died…”

  1. Fans still turning? a SWAG would be that something let the magic smoke out of the power supply, and that may be all that’s wrong with it,

        1. OK, so power supplies are fairly easy to test, at least in a broad fashion. Basically you take the 24 pin connector off of the mother board and use a paper clip to jumper between the green and black wires in the middle, and then see if you can turn it on. If the fan on the PS spins, it’s at least delivering some current. Googling power supply paper clip should bring up diagrams, but it’s not a very difficult test.

          1. Oh, Skip. It’s very nice that you’re pretending that I’m a real, live adult and everything. But the replacement is already on its way. I can basically afford a new one, which is why I was “please hit Amazon” rather than “please hit the tip jar.” 🙂

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