Head’s-up to #p2 and #nn13: Hillary Clinton is going to make you CRAWL.

This ain’t gonna be cheap.

Hillary Clinton was far from the darling of the left in the 2008 election. But here at the largest annual gathering of progressives, many said they’re ready to get behind a Hillary 2016 bid — though she shouldn’t take them for granted.

In more than two dozen interviews at the Netroots Nation conference, Democratic activists said they’re cautiously excited about the prospect of a Clinton candidacy and, more broadly, the idea of the first female president she represents. Unlike five years ago, when a charismatic freshman senator from Illinois stole their hearts, the backing of progressives appears to be Clinton’s to lose — assuming, as most do, that she runs.

But she’ll need to prove she’s in tune with her party’s activist wing before she’ll have its full-throated support.

Hillary Clinton is, sad to say, a bit of a grudge-holder. Her people are a lot, lot worse. And they’re just a little bit fanatical at this point; so I would suggest that progressives stop pretending that they’re going to be negotiating with Hillary Clinton – or any other nominee – from a position of strength.  Sheep* don’t negotiate with the shepherd about the best way to be shorn.

I mean, what are progressives going to do?  Vote Republican?

Moe Lane

*If the GOP treated its base the way that the Democrats treat theirs, there’d be anarchy in the streets.  …Well, no, not really: we pick up after ourselves and have an inherent problem with giving innocent law enforcement officials more work.  But the Republican base is ornery, and we do stay at home, and our leadership never quite knows what will set us off, and that’s just fine with the Republican base.



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  1. The strategy from the MSM/dem party complex is easy tho see.
    1) Clinton: first female candidate
    2) All criticism is dismissed as sexist. AKA : the War on Women II: This Time It’s Personal

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