Tweet of the Day, HAHAHAHA :Breathe: HAHAHAHA edition.

You all know my views on Ed Snowden.  But this is… somehow apropos.  Or symbolic:

Via Twitchy. Hot Air has more; Ed’s being nicer about it, or at least laughing in private.

Moe Lane

PS: BTW, NEVER TRUST CONTENT FROM GLENN GREENWALD. Trust him and you’ll end up on a twelve hour flight from a former Commie hellhole to a current Commie hellhole with no story, and probably nothing to read.

5 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, HAHAHAHA :Breathe: HAHAHAHA edition.”

  1. This story is now beginning to get very amusing. I’m still annoyed for various reasons, but at least I have something to laugh about.

  2. I’m keeping my pool bet ..
    Snowden stays in Russia for the rest of his life.

  3. Don’t feel sorry for the toothpaste tube of scribblers winging its way toward Chez Castro – they’ve got each other to talk to. Kinda like Journolist, but, you know, in person.

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