I dunno. I started out liking it…

…and I got a little – just a little – weirded out by the end.

I’d love to know why.

5 thoughts on “I dunno. I started out liking it…”

  1. Was it the guy in the Darth Vader mask and lightsabers? The thing I didn’t like was the camera work. Someone was trying to out do the music with the camera changes and the moving on the line was a little disjointed and jumpy. If they could borrow from the NFL cameras it would work better, but it still doesn’t fit the music and actually takes away from it by distraction.

  2. Considering that the recessional at my wedding was a string quartet playing the Victory March from the end of the original Star Wars movie– I really can’t say much negative here. What can I say, we had the string quartet already for music during the wedding, and we didn’t know planning this thing that Star Wars Ep 1 which was planned for release less than a month before the wedding was going to be such a fustercluck.

    1. I always had a dream that it would have come out in the third episode that Jar-Jar was a Sith Lord. He was the instigator and almost single-handedly caused the defeat of the Republic. He was the one casting the deciding vote giving Palpatine the executive powers. His incompetence was a clever disguise. The revealing of that would have dwarfed Luke as Darth’s son.

  3. I think some of the imagery, the buildings, all those people lined up in neat columns and the music harken back to another time…my two cents…

  4. It sounded like there was a key change at the end that just did not quite jive (took the tune a little too sharp).

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