“Dust in the Wind.”

Dust In The Wind, Kansas

I admit it: I find the use of tuxedos in this video fascinating. …Why?  WHY?  Were they filming this video while attending a wedding?  Did anybody ever write the reason down? I ask because this will still confuse people a hundred years from now – and I feel for them; I really, really do.

3 thoughts on ““Dust in the Wind.””

  1. I saw Kansas perform this song live at an Oklahoma City amusement park in the summer of 1994. It was hands-down the best live performance of any song I’ve personally witnessed, ever.
    Then two years later I saw Kansas open for Styx in Indiana, and they were overdriving their amps and just sounding horrible. )-:

  2. Always thought “Fight fire with fire” was a better song.
    Just me, I suppose.

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