QotD, Hollywood Can’t Figure Out How Obamacare Works, Either edition.

This being a family website, I am alas constrained from giving my full opinion on this sudden realization by Hollywood that they’re about to get messed up by Obamacare; but rest assured, said opinion is incredibly foul-mouthed of me, and includes references to marsupials.

Determining the exact nature of the new laws has been difficult, given that many ACA [Affordable Care Act] terms have yet to be worked out. Hollywood productions, for instance, might find it irksome simply trying to categorize employees as full- or part-time, seasonal or variable, and it’s important that they get the classifications right lest they face hefty fines. “ACA is thousands of pages, and it wasn’t written with this industry in mind,” says Belcher.

Ain’t that a shame.  But, hey, look on the bright side: at least Hollywood elected Barack Obama, right?  Brilliant move there, guys.  Brilliant.

Moe Lane




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