So I pretty much called the #DOMA ruling.

Back in the day.

I suspect that Section 3 is going to be gone; and that the courts will resolutely decline to not address Section 2. I think that this means that we’ll end up with another state/federal headache where gay couples will be in this weird Schrodinger married/not married state, depending on who’s doing the paperwork – but then, nobody asked me to fix the situation for them**.

…and that’s what happened.  I do, however, no longer expect a Federal Marriage Amendment to be passed in reaction, and I will not lie to you: I’m fine with not seeing a FMA.  What I’m not really fine with will be all the endless legal battles on a state-by-state basis, but that’s what we get when we create a political system where court decisions are so insanely relevant.

2 thoughts on “So I pretty much called the #DOMA ruling.”

  1. If there is a legal battle, I hope its Texas, that way Greg Abbot is the one arguing before the court. DOMA was doomed the minute an idiot was chosen to defend it.
    I understand though Moe that you might not agree with me.

  2. My real problem is the spiking of the football that’s going on in Facebook and Twitter. With all of the in your face moments, there’s bound to be some pushback.

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