All right, which one of you jokers created the Vegan Sellout List?

Because there’s no way that anybody would be so stupid as to create for real a website that openly admits that it exists to sending people hate mail.  This has got to be a elaborate practical joke.


Moe Lane

Via Legal Insurrection.

PS: It’s a little hard to mock something when it has already comprehensively self-mocked itself, twenty times over.

7 thoughts on “All right, which one of you jokers created the Vegan Sellout List?”

  1. Heh. I’m reminded of the mailing list whose purpose was to teach people how to remove themselves from mailing lists. The idea was that if you had someone on your mailing list who was annoying people by sending unsubscribe requests to the entire list instead of the address that was for unsubscribing, you’d subscribe them to that list instead, where everyone who couldn’t read the instructions on how to unsubscribe would spam each other endlessly until they figured it out. It was a great and noble and amusingly appropriate solution to the problem, the problem was there were too many idiots out there with clout disproportional to their intelligence, which meant that no one could keep the list going because the idiots would see to it that it would get shut down no matter who hosted it.
    If there is any justice in the world, this site won’t last a week.

  2. I heard from my youngest son’s classmate’s youngest sister’s teacher’s husband’s father that Jay Carney, Michelle Obama, Barack Obama, George Soros, Dan Rather, Paula Deen, Eric Holder, David Axlrod, and Michael Bloomberg were all ex-vegans.
    Wait: I am part of the problem here, aren’t I?
    Sorry. ;•)~

  3. I’m reminded of a joke a friend told me.
    You’re at a dinner party. How can you tell who the vegans are?
    Don’t worry. They’ll tell you.

  4. As far as I can tell, the only purpose to vegetarianism in general, and veganism in particular, is to have something to be indignantly self-righteous about.
    But it’s fun mocking the practitioners.

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