Some advice to the people running the K2/Zombie DC anti-“fake weed” site.

I have neither the background nor the knowledge skill set to assess the actual dangers involved in ‘fake weed.’ But I have t0 say: somewhere on this website there should be a fairly obvious and loud “THIS IS NOT A VIRAL TIE-IN FOR A MEDIA EVENT.  THIS IS A REAL WEBSITE DISCUSSING A LEGITIMATE PUBLIC HEALTH ISSUE.”  I spent five minutes trying to figure out what the video game was that this site was supposed to be flogging.

Seriously, this is not exactly a picture that you expect to see in a public health site.


I mean, a real one.

Moe Lane

2 thoughts on “Some advice to the people running the K2/Zombie DC anti-“fake weed” site.”

  1. Well, I’d tend to consider that smokers of real weed are plenty close to zombies anyway. More so if they are rioting. Zombies are pretty much drug addled rioters to begin with.
    Pop wisdom makes a false distinction between chemicals coming from plants, and chemicals coming from a chemist who knows what they are doing.
    All medicines are poisons. Stuff that works on psychiatric issues is especially nasty otherwise. Anyone who claims that their recreational substance of choice has utility for psychiatric problems is a fool.

  2. If the best weapon in your kit is a hammer you’re going to have a problem. I prefer a 3lb sledge myself a claw hammer is a sign of desperation. Oh, and go with an icepick over a Phillips head screw driver. And just from a cross contamination standpoint Do Not put the bandaids in with the screws and nails. Seems like someone never heard of Lockjaw/Tetanus.

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