Barack Obama to bask a little in George W Bush’s reflected African glory.

Ah, As The Worm Turns.

Jay Carney also announced that George W. Bush will join President Obama at the wreath-laying event Tuesday morning at the site of the embassy bombings. He did not provide many details, but said he did not expect the two presidents to make any remarks at the event.

Care to guess why suddenly Obama can’t wait to be seen with George W Bush? Well… (H/T Andrew Malcolm)

President Obama’s approval rating tumbled to a record low as Americans react to the government’s sweeping surveillance programs and other scandals, according to the latest IBD/TIPP Presidential Leadership Index.

The Presidential Leadership Index fell to 43.2 from 48.9 a month earlier, the lowest since Obama took office. The 11.7% monthly decline also was his worst ever. It’s the fourth straight reading below 50, signaling disapproval.

Seriously, if you’re in Africa at the same time as George W. Bush and you’re a politician, it’s smart politics to raise your status a little by publicly hanging out with GWB.  The former President is well-regarded across the continent, largely because of the several million people there that he he helped saved from a wasting, terrifying death; so if you’re seen with him then you must be a generally all right fellow…

What’s that?  Don’t be silly: of COURSE I’m enjoying grinding this uncomfortable truth into the souls of the American Left.  It’s FUN.

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3 thoughts on “Barack Obama to bask a little in George W Bush’s reflected African glory.”

  1. And because Bush is, despite his faults and strange taste in art, a decent human being .. he will permit this.

    1. President Bush is the kind of man who really only cares about one thing: “Did I do the right thing?” Everything else is details.

  2. What might be more fun is Laura and Michelle at the meeting of African First Ladies: The Class meets The Ass.

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