So, now Windows 8 doesn’t want to access my CD drive.

Anybody else have this problem?


disk drive issue

Basically, it sees something, but it can’t actually access it.  Also: note the lack of a CD-ROM drive in Device Manager:disk drive issue 2

Guess I now know why it wasn’t seeing the external hard drive…



14 thoughts on “So, now Windows 8 doesn’t want to access my CD drive.”

  1. Is the cd in the optical drive a known ‘good’ one?

    Is there power getting to the drive (can it eject, does it spool up when a disk goes in?)

    Are the external and optical drives present in the bios?

    1. 1) Yes. I’ve tried multiple disks.
      2) It opens and closes fine, so there’s power.
      3) I’m not sure how to check that.

      1. How are the CD-ROM and external connected? I assume the external is, being *external*, most likely USB .. likely Win8 lacks a driver for the specific device.
        Could be a similar situation with the CD-ROM, where Win8 needs to download something. Is there an “add hardware” “search for drivers online” routine similar to what IIRC Vista and XP used to have?

        1. Well, the CD drive isn’t showing up in Device Manager. In fact, there isn’t even a category for that, and there should be.

  2. ‘Delete’ when you power it on will get to bios. You can’t really screw anything up in there and you’ll just be looking to see if there’s a listing of drives recognized by the pc. Poke around until you find it. it will look like SATA 0: (hard drive gobbldigook) SATA 1: (should be CDRom gobbldigook but if it says nothing then the problem is the cdrom)

    I suspect windows 8 is not loading drivers for the devices. Because Win8 hates to work.

      1. If the drive isn’t being seen in BIOS it’s not a windows issue and you’ve checked the cables, then the choices are pretty much:

        1) the drive itself is dead (try the drive in another box)
        2) the drive controller is defective (verify by trying a known good drive).

  3. Shut down the computer. Open the box. Unplug the drive’s SATA cable. Boot up computer. Shut down the computer. Plug the drive’s SATA cable back in. Boot up computer.

    If that doesn’t work your dive may have failed.

    1. Assuming windows is loding drivers properly and there’s nothing wrong with the sata port this is a good idea.

      I suspect, given the inability to read an external hdd too, there’s a greater issue but optical (CD) drives are crap and fail constantly.

  4. Am suprised by the lack of pro-mac comments in these windows threads. Its stories like these that made me give up back when vista came out

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