Time to bore you with another computer post…

…with any luck it’ll be the last time. Amazon is just going to replace the whole dang thing, with no shipping charges*, the new computer will be here tomorrow, hopefully this one won’t have a defective motherboard.

Gotta say: there’s something to be said for economies of scale.  Now I just gotta figure out how to save all my bookmarks, then wipe all the passwords, cookies, yadda yadda.

Moe Lane

*Amazon has a somewhat hardcore attitude about customer service, it seems.  We’ll send you a new one now; just get the old one back to us within a week. Yes, free shipping.  Yes, we’re wonderful.  Mind you, if I didn’t send back the old unit they’d probably just charge my credit card or something, so there’s that.

9 thoughts on “Time to bore you with another computer post…”

  1. Ouch. I hate it when the MB is bad. Usually means I had spend hours and hours testing parts to eliminate other possibilities.

  2. Someday Amazon will take over the world, and we’ll all be working for them. And none of us will care at first, because of the reasonable prices and fantastic customer service.
    Then they’ll start to let their standards slip. And that is when the zombies will come…

  3. How did you know it was motherboard? I have a new Toshiba with issues but also Windows 8. Not sure which is the problem. Not very savvy with computers.

    1. I was on the phone with the people who made the computer: we walked through the major stuff, and his guess was the motherboard.

  4. If I was to get a new computer, I get one made from a local computer shop. And a desktop. Then if a part breaks, I don’t have to ship it to someone just to get it fixed or worry about deleting anything from the hard drive.

  5. Moe – Your posts don’t bore. In real life there is stuff that is not politics and fun 🙂

    I have been looking to buy a laptop and holding off because I heard people say it is not good. Saw comments on your earlier posts and now I am not buying a computer with windows 8 OS.

  6. IBuyPower sells through amazon now? I did not know that. I guess you trade the extreme configurability you get on their website for amazon prime, which doesn’t suck.

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