Wendy Davis keeping head down during Texas special session.

Of course she will: this was all Kabuki theater to begin with.

A spokesman for Democratic state Sen. Wendy Davis, who stood and spoke for more than 12 hours to help kill the bill last week, says she won’t filibuster the legislation a second time.

US News and World Report went on to spout pro-abortion* propaganda: I assume that people don’t feel like reading it.  Anyway, the major problem for Davis and the Democratic party here is that, simply put, the American people are fine with limiting late-term abortion.  They are also highly amenable to the argument that minority women should not be expected to bleed out on filthy examination tables simply so that white women can enjoy unlimited access to abortion – and, believe me: pro-lifers know by now to point that out, and there’s an increasing number of felony cases that catalog just those sorts of atrocities.

Wendy Davis and the Texas Democratic party know this; they also know that supporting late-term abortions is not exactly the smartest way to get elected Governor of Texas.  It is, however, a smart way to leech money off of limousine liberal Democratic hicks; Davis will get some of that money from her doomed bid for Governor (which can be later parlayed into a comfortable gig in the national party), the Democratic party’s leadership cadre will get a bit more, and be able to spread the rest around to their own creatures and pet projects.  Everybody wins – well, except for the hicks, but nobody smart cares about those guys.

But all of this requires that the legislation pass.  Texas Republicans – and more importantly, Texans – want the legislation to pass, and Texas Democrats have probably milked as much out of obstructionism as they dare.  So… time to retreat, and whine, and start cashing those out-of-state checks…

Moe Lane

PS: Every dime that gets spent on this exercise in futility is a dime that will not be spent on a meaningful 2014 race.  I only mention this because I know that liberal Democrats refuse to listen to what they consider to be concern trolling.  Which this isn’t; if it was concern trolling I’d be pretending to be, well, concerned.  So I guess that it’s just trolling, hey?

*One of the more useful things that have occurred over the last year is that a bunch of the people who really and truly can be called ‘pro-abortion’ have lost their camouflage, and can now be distinguished from people who are merely ‘pro-choice.’ Turns out that a bunch of the latter aren’t really cool with late-term abortion, either: go figure.

3 thoughts on “Wendy Davis keeping head down during Texas special session.”

  1. A Wendy Davis candidacy would wake up the sleepy TX GOP and set the Texas Dem Party rehabilitation efforts back a few more years. There is A reason Ann Richards never became our President, and George Bush did.

  2. Except, as a Texan that is probably living in Davis’ state Senate district, I would actually want her defeated in her next attempt at re-election and her getting money from national would make that less likely to happen.
    Granted, I wanted that to happen back when she cried racist to save her pseudo-majority-minority district and put off the Texas presidential primary by two months (yay Supreme Court getting at least the Voting Rights Act case sort of right), but still…

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