Pro-abortion parenting #FAIL. #sb5

You want to know the difference between pro-choice, and pro-abortion?  Here you go:


“If I Wanted the Government in My Womb, I Would F*** a Senator!”

My pro-choice friends with kids would sooner rip off their own ears than give one of their kids that sign to hold.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: DO NOT MAKE SIGNS FEATURING VULGAR LANGUAGE AND GIVE THEM TO YOUR PREPUBESCENT DAUGHTERS.  I am amazed, and a little sickened, that I have to mention this.

7 thoughts on “Pro-abortion parenting #FAIL. #sb5”

  1. Minding that I’m agnostic: It took just six months for the Democrats to go from denying Christ three times to hailing Satan.
    That MIGHT be a record for a mass movement.

    1. WRT the 2016 elections, that’s gonna be a “getcher popcorn ready” moment when it’s time again for the Dems to decide if they want God in their platform.

  2. And I have a feeling that the mother would just stare blankly at you when you try to point out that what she’s doing is wrong.

      1. Given that my response would be patting her on her pumpkin head and calling her cute, she might have some grounds for complaint.

        1. One of the definitions of misogyny, per common usage, is ‘disagrees with feminist narratives on rape and sexual exploitation’.
          One school of feminist narrative is that it is purely a matter of men attacking women. In truth, it is far closer to all against all. Focusing on men against women necessarily distracts from and to some extant whitewashes stuff against children.
          Thus why, more broadly speaking, Moe Lane et al., can fairly be termed misogynistic for our dislike of the practice depicted in the image.

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