Why I am an awful person, Part LVIII.

I read something like this… (Via Hot Air Headlines)

Complete head transplants are enormously complicated, requiring the reconnecting of literally millions of nerve fibers, not to mention bones and tissue. We’re not really sure how any of this will work, but it looks like we’re getting closer to a full this-head-on-that-body operation.

Sergio Canavero, a doctor at the Turin Advanced Neuromodulation Group, just published a paper looking at some recent developments in spinal cord fusion and suggesting that this means human head transplants are on their way.

…and I immediately think of this fine example of 1970s cinematic elegance and style.

Shockingly, nobody over at Hot Air apparently remembers this one.  WITH GOOD REASON.

Yes. It was apparently a genre.

Moe Lane


  • Physics Geek says:

    Shockingly, nobody over at Hot Air apparently remembers this one.

    If I’d have checked in at HA before here, I would have mentioned it. Because-sadly- I remember watching it. Sadly, the passing years have done nothing to erase that memory from my brain.

  • Finrod says:

    Heh. You’ve reminded me of one of the more hilarious D&D stories I’ve read– the Head Of Vecna:


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