Yeah, sorry: didn’t mean to be melodramatic.

I’m just having my kids meltdown at regular intervals while I’m on a trip, that’s all. It’s a fixable problem.

6 thoughts on “Yeah, sorry: didn’t mean to be melodramatic.”

  1. Counting down till school starts because I’m sick of listening to kids fighting.

  2. I swear we’re going to lock our two older boys in opposite sides of the house till August. The bickering is awful. No wonder both of us have high blood pressure.

  3. Ah, *that* drama.
    Part of that is what they came up with the matinee for .. getting the tired kids to sit still – in a cool, dark place – and relax = less cranky evening kids.
    Divide-and-conquer is also a good strategy, if you’ve got enough adults to pull it off. One of you takes n kids to the (cool) grocery store, the other takes (x-n where x is total kids) to some other attraction.
    This can sometimes be done by gender – dad takes the boys fishing, mom takes the girls shopping .. or vice versa.

  4. Heh, my mom knew how to fix that problem 😉 She had five of us kids, and it wouldn’t have mattered if we all melted down at once, because one “mother meltdown” > “the sum of all kids’ meltdowns, ever” 🙂 This is probably why I did not turn out to be a hooligan…… or a democrat.

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