A random snark at Politico for not really thinking things through.

Sometimes you get the feeling that Politico is just going through the motions.

Republicans, who have a 17-seat majority, head into 2014 favored to keep the House because, in large part, of the GOP-dominated redistricting process after the 2010 census. The Cook Political Report projects Republicans, who lost eight seats in 2012, will net two to seven seats in the midterms.

…In other words: that sixty-three net gain that the GOP got in 2010 (pre-redistricting) got mildly lowered in 2012, but said lowering will likely be largely reversed in 2014. But then, I suppose that “GOP-dominated redistricting process after the 2010 census” sounds better in their ears than “American electorate shifting noticeably Right in 2010, and finding the new position comfortable enough for now.”


That’s actually it, really.  Just some random snark.

Moe Lane