Hey, Bobby Schilling is running for IL-17 again!


[Bobby Schilling’s] campaign is likely to place a heavy focus on economic issues, son and campaign manager Terry Schilling said during the holiday weekend.

“We’re putting together a plan right now on addressing mostly the rising prices and stagnant wages, because those are what’s really hurting the middle class right now,” he said.

Terry Schilling identified that focus as one of the shortfalls of the 2012 race.

“We didn’t talk enough about how the Republican policies helped the middle class,” he said, stressing that as a small-business owner and head of a large family – Bobby Schilling has 10 children – the candidate recognized the economic pinch many people are still facing.

“Bobby Schilling is the one with a large family who actually goes grocery shopping and has to pay bills,” he said. “When people aren’t getting raises and their wages are stagnant, he’s the one who’s feeling it.”

I liked Bobby Schilling; he was pretty good people, and of course he was one of Chip Gerdes‘ 2010 projects (I guess I can mention that now, damn it). So this is welcome news.

Bobby’s site is here.

Moe Lane

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  1. Its a D+6 district, it’ll be a heavy lift, I hear Bob Dold is running as well.

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