Milwaukee Area Labor Council decides to cancel forced-dues-subsidized party.

I actually… do not take pleasure in this:

For many years we have had the pleasure of coordinating and organizing our great Labor Day Parade and Laborfest Celebration with the Laborfest Committee and our staff. As you know our great Labor Day Celebration has been a staple in Milwaukee and an event that we not only look forward too, but the greater community looks forward to as well. This year we have cancelled our huge parade and Laborfest and we wanted to be sure that everyone who looks forward to our annual celebration is aware of this. We know there has been some conversation and speculation so we wanted to make certain our message is spread properly.

As Right Wisconsin makes clear, the cancellation of Laborfest is directly attributable to the loss of forced union dues.  It is regrettable that the Milwaukee Area Labor Council had deliberately placed itself in a position where it could only survive from being a parasite on working men and women; and even more regrettable that the group has apparently decided to learn the wrong lessons from the unfortunate, yet necessary, corrective measures placed upon it by reform-minded groups. Again, I take no personal pleasure in this sort of thing.

But we all sometimes have to do things that we do not like to do.

Moe Lane

PS: The labor movement should start contemplating the problems inherent in becoming a fully-owned subsidiary of the Democratic party.  While there still is an organized labor movement.